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CSI has been formulated to provide privately hired additional security to support a government provided paid military or local police type agency. Government supplied security has the populace at large to protect, and seldom can concentrate their resources on securing a private entity operating a security agency as a commercial unit generating revenues and providing security services to the institutions and individuals are not very old in Egypt. It was started during 91 it started operations of providing armored car services for cash transit to the financial institutions. Through the years since its beginning, the business has become more competitive and diverse in terms of service operations and technology solution


Why CSI ?

Training and other qualifications

CSI Group provides training programs to all security personnel before being placed on assignment which includes.


Work and ethics

The backbone to our culture of social responsibility is our business ethics policy. read more...

Our Management Team

All our stuff is trained under professional supervisors . read more...


To provide administrative services and general supervision over the management and operations of all organized private security agencies, private detective agencies and company and government guard unit throughout the company types of services we offer

.

Top Services

Executive Protection


Control (EAC)


MoneyTransfer SecurityAgencies       (MTSG)

Close Circuit

Television (CCTV)


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